Alien Garden


Size: 16″ x 13½”


Alien Garden was my response to a challenge to take a garden scene and make it somewhat abstract. Since I have frequently made garden scenes, my idea for this garden was to go wild and avoid using any fabric image as a literal object, no actual flowers as flowers. Check out in particular the images I used in the tree and the tree trunk — extra points if you figure out the trunk! The background is all one piece of fabric; I quilted a few of the lines there.

I also wanted to make the frame an odd, but regular shape, so made one curve for the top and bottom, and another for the sides. The batting I used to stuff the edge has “bearded” through the black satin; I regard that as simply an aspect of the art work, not intended but it’s there so I’ll keep it!

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Collage Type

Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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