Brenda’s Pond


Size: 23½” x 29½”

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On a recent vacation in North Carolina, I picked up a bit of fabric at a local store, one piece about a yard in length of a multi-colored batik, and a fat bag of less than fat-quarter-size remnants. The next day, a quiet one with no outings scheduled, I pulled out my finds to see what I had, and it was almost an automatic reaction to start laying out a new collage. With a borrowed scissors and pins, I laid out the basics of this piece. The shimmery translucent piece put me in mind of waterfalls we had visited nearby.

Back home, I added only a few minor pieces around the edges, and cut the fish from a scrap of printed fabric, tucking them behind the translucent fabric.

The startling thing about this was its close resemblance to a friend’s backyard pond, which I had myself never seen, hence the name!

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