Golden Spiral


Size: 26″ x 17″

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How many times did you fall in your dreams? You can roughly fall and wake up jumping in your bed or you can glide in a low fall while falling asleep, you can fall for just few inches or you can take a long long flight… what about you? How do you fall in your dreams? And how deep are they?

This was part of the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge for this piece, entitled “Falling in a golden swirl”. I had not intended such a literal depiction of the challenge theme here, it just happened that way! When I described the challenge to my husband, he told me of a dream he had been waken out of with the sense of falling into a swirl of gold, and when I described it to another friend, he remembered an old image of himself falling off a tall cliff and flying. So both of these dreams became embodied in my piece.

The background uses the Fibonacci sequence in widths, going from bottom to top. I used various tulle fabrics in these layers, dark green tulle doubled in the bottom, single in the second line, then the fabric that was under that by itself in the double-width, a lighter blue-green tulle over mottled green/white fabric, then a white tulle with a yellow swirl as the background behind the figure about to fall off the cliff. The cliff itself has a layer of black mesh to tone down the rather bright gold on dark brown. The spiral is a bright gold cord.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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