My Silk Scarf Wants to be a Garden Fence


Size: 27″ x 90″


I finally decided to make use of one of the silk scarves my youngest son brought me from India, cutting the borders for my main vertical lines. The two blue fabrics had practically the same orange color in their patterns so they seemed to fit in well. The backing is white satin, which shows through in a few places. The pieces are lightly stuffed with Polyfil to create some three-dimensionality. I surrounded the three butterflies with very narrow blue ribbon.

As with many of my pieces, I mounted this on foam core, and I made a narrow border of the white satin, which wraps around the foam core and is hand-stitched.

The name, just about the longest I have used, came at the suggestion of a friend.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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