Size: 22½” x 20½”


I’ve had in mind to do a blue mostly monochrome piece for a while, but the last time, it came out green! And here, my original thought was to have a sunrise, but when my husband first responded by calling it a moon rise, and actually pulled out the piece that I used for the sky, it became that, complete with his suggested title, as in “Once in a blue moon”!

The ocean and stream are a mid-blue satin, the moon and reflection are a pale blue. The rest is mostly cotton, the flower on the lower left is cut from a drapery remnant from our new curtains, and the deep blue pieces with the black flowers at the bottom are polyester. I used some Angelina® fiber to add depth to the stream and tone down the moon’s reflection.

I tried to achieve the perspective aspect by having the stream flowing off to the ocean be wider at the front and narrow off to the distance. The moon’s reflection also helps to see the ocean surface. And the shape itself, narrower at the top, may also suggest distance.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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