Study in Blue Denim


Size: 27″ x 19″


The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge this month was to make use of old blue denim, and for me it took a while to find denim to use, finally found that I had not, after all, thrown out those tattered blue jean shorts that I used to use for yoga, and then found a little pair of blue jeans, maybe toddler size 2! the different shades simply come from different parts, the deepest blue from the pocket.

Originally, I planned to sew the pieces together with the frayed edges showing, and pulled a lot of thread to create more fringes, but finally decided the other side looked better. I even used some of the threads I had pulled. I added a ribbon and lace, some of it emerging from rips in the denim, some thread painting with fancy stitches, and finally a handful of buttons. When I started mounting it on a foam core backing, it was calling for just a bit more, so I stuffed some batting and polyfil in and sewed it along the join lines to create a puffy look.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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