The Clown


Size: 18½” x 13″ x 5″


The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge presented as its November 2006 goal a work exploring a non-traditional shape. This piece, stuffed so it is basically the front half of an oversized clown head, was my response to that challenge, moving me into three dimensions, since many of my pieces already avoid the standard rectangle shape.

The head started with a plastic bag stuffed with Polyfil, then muslin sewn to create a starting shape, and then white cloth with a pattern of white stars on it. The lips and nose are red satin, the hair a mix of purple and green curly fake fur. The little hat is from scraps of fleece, with a cockatiel feather that our bird provided. The ruff was actually added a bit after the deadline, but that was what made it feel complete.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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