Three Trees


Size: 23¾” x 17¼”


Three Trees began as two trees and the path, with a great deal of experimentation as to which green fabrics to use for the ground on either side. The bench seemed a natural thing to make out of cloth that looked like wood flooring, with a bit of fabric paint for the legs. The sky is a nice soft flannel, but the pieces I had only covered about halfway across, hence the third tree to cover the seam! The flowers bordering the near side of the path was originally just a small patch – and I misplaced the piece before it got sewn in, so I cut a new one which wanted to go all the way along the path. The wild shrub which is starting to grow up the tree on the right also got a touch-up of green fabric paint, to tone down the original yellow and orange colors.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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