Tropical Storm


Size: 22″ x 17″


Tropical Storm is my journal quilt for 2007.  These quilts, made by many people across the country, traveled in 2007 and 2008 to a number of major quilt shows.

I started it back in February and finished it in August, when it then made its way to Houston to the annual Quilt Festival there. My goal was to create a sense of wind and motion, starting with the waves in the foreground, with grasses and palms blown toward the left, and finally, my first use of beads when I found some silver twisted bugle beads that became lightning from the clouds. And finally, more bugle beads sewn to show the angle of the lashing rain. Angelina® fiber formed the dark storm clouds.

After this piece had left the house, I was asked to provide the challenge for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, and this quilt, which had occupied me for half a year, inspired me to challenge the group to create a sense of motion, using and in part driven by the use of embellishments.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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