Wading Bird


Size: 21”  x  17″


This project began a while ago with the sky fabric and entirely different foliage on the sides which is actually still there.  It went on a back burner for quite a while, and when I again looked at it, I opted to change it because color was not quite right.  Most of the rest of the scene evolved quickly, but there was a space that needed filling in the center.  After much searching and internal debates about what belonged there, I settled on the image of a wading bird, and recreated it in fabric.  Since that bird seemed at home there, I did the finishing touches, using the fabric from the side portions for its border.  The final choice of the title came from that bird!

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 21 in
Collage Type

Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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