What Is Fiber Art?

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Painting; drawing; photography; sculpture; there are so many different mediums of art available to us, it would be difficult to name them all. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we’re constantly discovering new types of art that have a unique history, community, and technique all their own.

Fiber art is, perhaps, one of the oldest of these artforms that many people still don’t quite understand to this day. Let’s take a look at how exactly fiber art is defined and the role it plays in greater art world and society itself.

Fiber art is a type of fine art created using natural and synthetic fibers and other textiles.

Many different fibrous materials are used to create different forms of fiber art. It takes unique skill and a lot of time to craft a fine fiber art piece. That is why, in this field, emphasis is placed on the materials used and artist’s labor when determining the value of the final product. A few examples of the many techniques used in fiber art include:

  • Quilting
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Braiding
  • Macramé

The long and storied history of fiber art dates back to prehistoric times.

Fiber and textile art originally developed in ancient civilizations all over the world as a means to create functional items, such as clothing, baskets, rugs, blankets, etc. by hand. As it became easier to obtain and produce the materials used in fiber art, pieces started to be less intended for function, and more so for aesthetic value. Throughout the 20th century, fiber art became a recognized art movement in its own right as artists turned to this creative outlet to produce more decorative pieces with greater meaning.

Additionally, because tasks such as weaving and knitting were seen as “women’s work”, the contemporary fiber art movement became a chance for women to take charge of modern and historical narratives by crafting pieces that told stories and conveyed messages of significance. In a way, fiber art was many women’s gateway into the high art world.

Today, it is easier than ever to bring the unique beauty of fiber art and the stories these pieces tell into your very own home.

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