Why Fiber Art is Growing in Popularity

Although fiber art has been around for thousands of years, it has seen a steady growth in popularity over the last few decades and has reached new heights, thanks to the social media age.

Fiber art is defined simply as the weaving, knitting, pressing or knotting of pieces of natural (or artificial) fibers. Whether it be colorful collages, cozy knitted items, wall art or anything in between, it’s no surprise that fiber art continues to grow in popularity. Let’s take a look at why people are falling in love with this incredible art form!

Yarn for fiber art

A creative, no rules process

When making fiber art, you’re letting your creative side shine. This art form involves hours of knitting, weaving and other skilled processes to create a unique piece without limitations. Fiber artists gain inspiration from a wide range of fabrics and materials and will use them in their new piece. One simple design that catches the eye can spark an idea for a new collage.  

There’s really no end to the designs you can create with fiber art, giving you the freedom to make a wide range of collages, knitted clothing, wall art and more in the color and size you desire.

Relieves stress

Since the methods used to create fiber art take a large amount of concentration and focus, many people have found this art form to be a great stress reducer. It can take many hours to create a small section of a collage, and when you’re focusing on getting it just right, you can let all your other worries for the day just slip away.

Not only are you using your hands to create a beautiful work of art, but this method also allows you to unplug from your phone, television, and other electronics for a bit, which has also been shown to reduce stress.

Artists inspiring artists on social media

There’s no doubt that social media has played an important part in the recent growth of fiber art. Whether it be artists posting their finished products on Instagram, making how-to videos on YouTube, or showing their work on any other platform, artists have the ability to share their work with a much wider audience.

This not only increases interest from art collectors, but it can inspire other artists to try out this unique art form.

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