Why Fiber Art Makes for the Perfect Holiday Gift

Collage Quilts

When you’re searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, consider fiber art for that special someone.

These hand-crafted pieces of art come in a variety of forms including collage arts to be displayed as wall hangings, quilted or knit handbags and fabric tote bags, as well as winter hats and mittens, and much more.

No matter what you believe your friend or family member will enjoy, there is sure to be a piece of fiber art for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Collage Quilts are perfect wall art

Collage quilts are the perfect holiday gift. Most of these pieces are mounted on foam core for a rigid wall hanging, and a few are hung banner style with a rod through a sleeve to be displayed on a wall.

These are ideal for those who have just moved into a new home and may be looking for things to display on walls or for those who have an eye for unique artwork.   

Collage quilts make for great wall hangings in entranceways, hallways, dining areas, basically any room with wall space.

Quilted artwork has a wide range of uses

Fiber art makes for an ideal holiday gift which is much more than wall art.  Quilted artwork in the form of handbags, tote bags, lunch bags and much more can fit the needs of nearly anyone. There’s no need to get a traditional store-bought item when you can give one of these unique quilted pieces.

Fiber art can be warm winter clothing

Fiber art can include warm winter clothing such as knitted hats, mittens and more. Often using cable patterns, ribbing spirals and eyelash yarn, these pieces can be purchased separately or in matching sets. They are made of acrylic yarn and are machine washable. 

Should you be ready to purchase any quilted artwork, hats and mittens or more as a holiday gift for your friend or loved one, you can find them at Tobi Collages Etc.

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