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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

River in Autumn

Size: 18" x 20¾"


River in Autumn: Collage

This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge included the use of an "S" curve and split-complementary colors, that is, a main color plus the two colors on each side of its complementary color, in this case, I chose blue, red-orange and yellow-orange. After a false start using green with my two orange colors (which became Yellow Road), I kept those and pulled in the blues which I used as a river for the S curve. The striped cloth for the background pulls it away from realistic, but the colors were right, and it felt okay. I had a couple pieces of cloth with autumn leaves that fit in, as well as some with orange-y ferns and leaves, and one with flowers. Then there were two pieces that were actually different colorways, one in pale oranges which became a sandy verge to the stream, and the other with a high contrast which ended up as the tree trunk.

To mount the piece, I made a bias strip of deeper red-orange fabric for the border, sewed it on, and stretched it tight over a piece of foam core.

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