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Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Window with Flowers


Size: 21½" x 21"

Swamp: Collage

I have a set of five fat quarters which are different colorways of the same pattern, and I finally got to use four of them! Normally I would cut leaves and flowers individually, going with the patterns on the fabrics, but for this project I folded and cut several at once, using the little pieces between the cuts for the stems. I chose a dark green thread to satin-stitch the leaves and stems in order to give them better definition.

The bright red fabric pushed itself forward as the unlikely background, with the blue fabric becoming window panes. I quilted lines in the lower part to indicate a table surface, and added a few dead leaves around the flower pot. A final bit bit of enhancement were beads and a bit of foil in the flowers, and some fabric paint to add the clouds in the window. I tried using deColourant to change the blue to white, but it brought out a bit of yellow instead.

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