Choosing the Right Art for Your Home

Handmade Fiber Art for Sale

Many people would argue that no home is complete without artwork. Furniture and décor are certainly important, but it’s the art on the walls that brings everything together and makes a space truly feel like your own.

With that in mind, it can be daunting to choose the right pieces to add the right aesthetic and personal touch to a room. If you’re about to embark on your first quest for the perfect art piece for your home, here are a few tips to help you land on one you love!

Select a spot for it first.

In order to achieve the desired effect and atmosphere, artwork needs to fit in with its surroundings. The best way to accomplish this is to shop for art with a specific location in your home in mind. Take into account things like the room’s color scheme, architectural features, lighting, and overall interior design style.

Get familiar with the artist.

As you’re shopping, research the artists behind the pieces that catch your eye. Getting to know the artist and their intention behind the artwork will help you better understand it and put it in context. This will make it easier to judge whether it’s the right piece for your home and what you’re looking for. Plus, having a better understanding of the art in your home will spark a more interesting conversation with visitors who comment on it.

Check out independent and emerging artists.

When you search for art from new and independent artists, you have the opportunity to find a unique original piece for an affordable price. You can probably even commission a custom original for the same price you would pay for something standard from a big-name artist. Check out local galleries and shows for up-and-coming artists. The internet is another great place to find hidden gem artists and pieces for a steal.

Buy something you love.

Above all else, only buy artwork for your home that you love. Art should be an expression of your style and character. Don’t just choose something because it matches your color scheme. Be bold with color, content, and/or texture. Remember—art is an investment, and one you’ll be looking at everyday at that, so it should inspire you.

At Tobi Collage, you’ll find an extensive selection of one-of-a-kind fiber art in the form of intricate collage quilts, each one inspired by its own story. Each collage quilt is available as a hanging original until sold, as well as a print or notecard.

View my latest pieces online or call 508-395-2370 to discuss a custom commission!