Starry Night


Size: 19¾ ” x 17″


2020 has indeed been a strange year.  I started Starry Night back in February, before the shutdown, and in those tense days when the coronavirus appeared here, I shifted gears to making face masks.  I made nothing but masks starting in mid-March, and continuing even through these days.  By July I began to ease off, just a bit, made some shirts for my husband and myself and later a quilt for my granddaughter.  That, plus election year tension, kept me from the relaxation – and exhilaration – that I get from making art.  But bit by bit, this autumn of 2020, I took this piece, nearly finished those months ago, to its completion.

As usual, when I started, the fabrics guided me in how to cut and place themselves, the sky full of stars, the tree, the hills and the stream, the rocks along the shore.  All was sewn together, mounted on foam core, with the hanging wire and backing – and there progress stopped.  In September I finally pulled it out to complete, and as often happens, my husband put in a suggestion, insisting there should be a few rocks in the stream itself. I found a scrap of that fabric and glued it in, since I couldn’t actually sew it at that point!  A bit of spray ink enhanced the orange of the tree and the rocks to complete the piece.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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