Different Types of Quilts

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The creation and use of quilts date back centuries, before European settlers even began the colonization of the western hemisphere. Like most fiber art, quilting was born out of necessity and steadily evolved over the years into a form of decorative and expressive art. Throughout those years of evolution, many distinct styles of quilting have emerged.

Different types of quilts fulfill different purposes, each with their own unique characteristics to offer. If you’re thinking about getting into quilting, or simply looking for the right quilt for your home, it is helpful to be familiar with some of the most popular types and how they differ. Here are a few of the top quilt styles you’ll find today!

Patchwork Quilts

The patchwork quilt is the most common type of quilt and typically the easiest to make. As they are made by simply sewing different pieces of fabric together, they are also known as pieced quilts. Any type of block, sewing technique, theme, pattern, or freestyle design may be used to make this kind of quilt.

Amish Quilts

Like most Amish creations, Amish quilts are known for their craftsmanship and highly sought-after to give as special occasion gifts and by serious quilt collectors. This style of quilt is characterized by the use of abstract and/or geometric shapes and solid colors. Amish quilt designs are simple, but often feature dark colors that create a striking contrast.

Appliqué Quilts

Appliqué quilts are made by sewing various pieces of fabric on top of one larger piece of fabric, as opposed to patching smaller pieces together as you would for a patchwork quilt. There’s a lot of freedom in the creation of this type of quilt. You can use any shapes you’d like, whether from a pattern or drawn yourself, and any technique to create abstract or decorative designs. You may also use any kind of background, but typically background fabric is solid and light in color.

Art Quilts

As the name would imply, art quilts are unique quilt creations that are intended to be displayed as art, rather than for use. Art quilts are meant to inspire, tell a story, or make a statement. They are made using a wide variety of, often unconventional, techniques, fabrics, shapes, and even mediums. Designs can be realistic or abstract and are based off of the artist’s original pattern or concept.

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