Elegy for a Tree


Size: 23½” x 12″


The center focus out our back picture window had long been a tall birch tree. As spring blossomed this year, it was obvious from the pieces of branches on the ground, the lack of twigs, and most of all, the fungus growing on its trunks, that it had died. So for me, the focus of this month’s Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, “Fabulous Fungus”, was obvious, though the color choices, complementary or split complementary, were not! The violet, yellow-orange and yellow-green form a split complementary color scheme, as well as adding an abstract element.

In this piece, the trunk is rounded, stuffed with some Polyfil batting, and the fungus sticks out, shelf-like. The background is a single piece of cloth which depicts the leafy background well, and I added another piece to hide the bottom of the trunk.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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