Size: 26″ x 20″


This piece feels like it is the beginning a new phase.  The original layout came through quickly, though completion took more time. Last August, we had a potluck supper at the fabric store where I work, and my husband Curt spotted a vibrantly colored African wax print that he asked me to sew into a shirt.  The remnants of that formed the basis of this piece, along with the central circular pieces from a previous shirt, also using a wax print fabric.  The solid pieces came from scraps from backing material for the multitude of COVID masks that I made over the many months of the pandemic.  What really set it off, though, was the final addition of the solid black border.

Now all the time I spent on this, my mind was set on a vertical orientation, and Curt agreed with me on that – but he saw it as upside down from what I had planned – and he’s right!  As an abstract, we decided together on the title Illuminations.

Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 20 in
Collage Type

Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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