The Party Field from Bag End


Size: 18″ diameter


This Fast Friday Fabric Challenge called for inspiration from the first or last line from your favorite book. Well, that could only be “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, and the first line refers to the upcoming party for Bilbo Baggins’ eleventy-first birthday! Since we visited New Zealand in March of 2005 with the goal to visit as many sites as we could where the movies were shot, I had a photo of the party field, taken from the round window of what still remains of #1 Bag End, and that became my model for this piece.

For the sky, pond and field, I used fabric with matching patterns in the colors I wanted. The tree is not the same exact type either in the book or in the movie, but it fit the majestic nature of the one in my mind!

This piece won an honorable mention in the Framingham Artists Guild show at the Framingham Public Library in June 2007.

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Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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