Whirl of Circles


Size: 18½” x 19½”


Whirl of Circles started with the background and the black and white prints. I wanted the circles to be mostly on top, but allowed a few blocks of the background to overlap. The bit of orange fabric crept in around the biggest black circle, and then the bits of batik and the gold-veined green and a bit of flat grey into the interstices. Finally the white and grey netting moved in, the sole scrap of it from a different project.

Once those pieces were sewn together, it sat for a while, until I realized it was calling out for some bead embellishment, encircling the black wheels and finally helping hold the edges on the foam core the piece is mounted on. The orange beads scattered among the clear ones bring out the bit of orange fabric.

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Collage Type

Original, 8 x 10 Print, Note Card

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